Christ Unstoppable

I was a born-again Christian trying to understand my future as a Christian. I really wanted to contribute to the growth of the Kingdom, so I would be deemed worthy of the Kingdom.

I wanted to be able to support my brothers and sisters in Christ, not simply financially but in a way that would help them grow also as Christians. And, I desired to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

The thing is, I could not give up my own security. That meant I wasn’t able to support my brothers and sisters in Christ, let alone have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because my fellow Christians needed resources which I had and that were not available otherwise. I felt like a failure as a Christian.

The problem was that on my own I could not bear fruit. I could see that I would end up losing belief in my own self, which meant ending up with a meaningless fruitless life.

Then, something amazing happened…

I saw that Jesus loved me personally beyond my understanding and human expectations, in spite of the sins I had committed.

I had not realized that this was really possible, to have a loving personal fellowship with Christ in which one would not feel condemned in spite of his shortcomings!

This is unique, to be able to have a love relationship with your God, one that you feel in your heart.

How can one not desire to devote himself to such a God? It was now crystal clear to me how to bear fruit because I saw that I could use my gifts in a constructive fashion.

What those gifts needed was to be transformed and made capable of serving a loving relationship between the King and his brother.

I also learned that to be called does not mean to become a pastor. You need to activate the living relationship with Jesus in your heart instead.

It means to accept Him as Lord which implies that he gets the right to decide in our lives, because we have received his love, not because we believe he will.

His love as already there, we need to humble ourselves in order to be able to see it.

As a result, I decided to develop my gifts in relationship with the Holy Spirit.

After I did that, I started knowing what Jesus was expecting of me, step by step.

Suddenly, I was able to hear the voice of Jesus and take measures to deepen my relationship with him.

That’s when I realized that the secret to understand my role as a Christian was building a loving relationship with Jesus.

I needed to have as clear a relationship with Jesus as was possible. The strongest bond seemed to be the only path that would enable him to use power in my life.

I needed to make an inventory of my personal habits and find those that could blur my relationship with Him.

For example, I started to choose my relationships so that they could help me foster my relationship with Christ. Progressively, I made friends with many people I could not imagine having become friends with. People that were in the spotlight because of their service to the family of Christ.

Then I examined what were the gifts that I could serve with.

I began to understand that the truth can set us free. Meaning that the truth gives to our judgment, the keys to make the wisest decisions.

After that, I surrendered completely to Jesus.

But there was still a problem…

Some opposition began to manifest itself. I needed to learn and fail many times in my relationships and in my projects.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to commit further and further by studying the Word, praying, developing relationships that are founded in Jesus-Christ. Progressively, I began to feel and to see in my heart the family of Christ deepening its relationship with him, enabling the power of Christ in their lives, overthrowing authorities, dominions and powers.

I can now experiment a deep relationship with Jesus that bears fruit; I see the power of the Kingdom in my life.

After several months of prayer and teaching from the voice of the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures, I decided to create a fellowship of like-minded Christians who strive to see Jesus be King here on earth, today.

It is not only a fellowship. It is a place where my brothers and sisters can learn what I have learnt through thick and thin, and let it bear fruit in their lives.

It is a place where the work that can be done is hard but knowing that it will accomplish what Christ came to us for. The goal in the end is to develop a personal loving relationship with Jesus and bear fruit in a growing Kingdom.

We need something that makes it possible to see the power of the Kingdom in each Christian life and impact the world around us.

I chose to call it “Christ Unstoppable”. Because, what or who could stop him?

From here on, other invested Christians can also use Christ Unstoppable to make progress in their own management of freedom and extend the Kingdom of Christ on earth.

After creating Christ Unstoppable, I can stop going around in circles trying to hear the calling, because I can grow in the satisfaction that the authorities, dominions and powers of this world are losing ground.

In the end, all of this means we are now able to enjoy a loving relationship with Christ that bears fruit in removing the ever-increasing injustice in this world.

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