When will the Lord come back?


Sometimes we wonder when the Lord will come back. It is now 2’000 years since he resurrected. But in truth, it’s not such a mystery. In the year 1648, kings of Europe sat down to sign treaties that would end the 30 year war of religion between the catholics and the protestants, after the loss of between 5 to 8 million lives. It was called the peace of Westphalia.

In those treaties, Protestantism acquired its full legitimacy, an equal standing before the law as did Catholicism. Why was that necessary? It started when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the church door in Wittemberg. He enflammed Europe for a period of 131 years that was concluded by the peace of Westphalia.

On top of selling indulgences to finance itself, the Catholic Church had accepted to serve kings. There was a deep problem. From 1 Corinthians 15:24, we see that the purpose of the body of Christ is to overturn all authorities, dominions and powers that are not subject to Christ. When the church accepted to serve kings, in exchange for political and economic power, it subjected itself to the very powers it was suppose to overturn – spiritually.

In chess language, this is called a stalemate. Of course, this was not acceptable to God. But on the spiritual chessboard of God, there is one extra piece: the Cross of Jesus-Christ. He moved that piece to the position held by Martin Luther and gave him the power to subvert and destroy the bond that existed between the church and the powers that manipulated it. It began in 1517 and ended with success in 1648. It took 5 to 8 million lives to break that bond.

From then on, the Evil One had to find another strategy to seduce the newly liberated Christians – and he had one … To be continued.

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